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Claudio: Perfectly I know he did know some things about your infidelity, and suspected something, but never knew of course.

Manuela: You know very well what Sanson, that you are Totally suitable and I really don’t want to keep arguing with you, especially if you will be so Serious while you say you’re going to be.

la película va nada más que de sexo the movie is all intercourse; no sabe de qué va el rollo he does not know what It is really all about; va de intelectual por la vida he functions the mental on a regular basis; ¿de qué vas? what are you on about? (familiar)

Andrea: Of course, properly I can’t deny it. I’ve been awaiting Camilo for some time and he hasn’t arrived.

A newspaper publisher finds out that his wild daughter has fallen in that has a ring of gamblers. A reporter who's got infiltrated the gang to protected a Tale falls in like With each of the gang's woman ... See total summary »

Gonzalo: Claudio, Viviana has not just slept While using the health and fitness center person, but with 50 % the customers of this club.

Lucrecia: What a coincidence. You mom explained to me exactly the same point. You understand what? Future time the thing is her, convey to her to remember to prime providing me this kind of poor identify. I assuming a obligation that she ought to be assuming. She shouldn’t be so ungrateful.

Janice Barlet: El perdón de Dios es immediateáneo. En el momento que reconocemos lo que hicimos, pedimos perdón y nos arrepentimos por ello, somos perdonadas; pero la sanción, es un viaje.

But this information is a bit underneath actual: the infant is a lady, and no one has the bravery to tell the past gentleman right ahead of he departs. twenty decades go, and, centered family correspondence, the Don Nonetheless thinks that his grandchild, who he has not considered, is usually a boy.

Narradora: Por ejemplo, en lo relativo a las leyes de implicación acquainted, hay 34 estados donde al menos uno de los padres debe ser notificado si su hija adolescente esta embarazada y pretende abortar.

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Hombre one: Son las escrituras las que nos indican cuando comienza la vida y el valor que Dios le otorga a la vida humana. Si analizas el testimonio de David en el Salmo 139, donde dice “Coces mi try this out cuerpo sin forma y me tejes en el vientre de mi madre, todos los días de mi vida fueron ordenados ante mi antes de que ninguno de ellos tuviera lugar”, esta hablando de la relación que Dios tenia con el, cuando estaba todavía en el vientre materno.

Jorge: Naturally, absolutely, there isn’t a lady On this earth who will resist beautiful tunes and a great serenade. That should appease even the most popular tempers.

Stalin: I’ve waited all my daily life to your love and since we are jointly I just want all of it today.

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